Name Skh Sourav Halder
Born 06 February 2002 Khulna,Bangladesh
Status Khulna
Residence Khulna
Age 18 years
Village Shovna
birth place Khulna
Nationality Bangladeshi
Other names Sourav Halder, Lenin Halder
Hobby Reding Book & garden, football
Citizenship Bangladesh
Education 1.Dumuria College(2019-20) 2.shovna birajmoye high school(2014-2018) 3.kultula situla bare primary school (2010-2015)
Alma mater University of khulna
Occupation Author and poet
Years active 2015-pregent
Phone +8801919863652
Gender Male
Organization Amargitanjali
Agent agent
Known for Bangladeshi poet and Author
Notable work 1.End address (2019) 2.Intersection of intersections(2019) 3.The World Is Beautiful (Part-1) (2020)
Style Author
Home town Khulna
Net worth Khulna
Height 5.8 ft (177 cm)
Titel Totals
Poem 200
Story 15
Predecessor Gopal Halder (greatdfather)
Bangali Name এসকেএইচ সৌরভ হালদার, সৌরভ হালদার,লেলীন হালদার
languages spoken, written or signed English and Bangali
writing languages English, Hindi, Bangla
ethnic group Bengali people
Board member of Protivarprotissobi, Amargitanjali
work location Bangladesh
religion Hinduism
instrument voice
Spouse(s) Unmarried
genre short story,novel
pseudonym অমানুষ
Parent(s) Rabin Halder (father) Monju Rani Halder (mother)
Relatives Anup Halder
Family Tarok Ray (mama) tusher Roy ( mama)
Last Nobel Siser Bindu
Awards college Literary periodicals
Skh Sourav halder is a bangladeshi youth poet and writer.was born on 06 February 2002 in the metropolis city Khulna, Bangladesh, usually write about fancation and Fiction. He had a hobby of writing from his childhood.Skh Sourav Halder (in Hindi: एसकेएच सौरव हलधर and Bangali :এসকেএইচ সৌরভ হালদার) is a Bangladesh Author and Poet who was born on 6th February 2002) in a small village named Shovna at Domuria, Khulna, Bangladesh. He is known for his first book End address, which was published in the year 2019. The other books of the author are Intersection of intersections and Bangali Book, Sis tikana(শেষ ঠিকানা),Courastar mor(চৌরাস্তার মোড়),Siser Bindu(শিশির বিন্দু) (2018-2019) and Ovmini Pritibe (2020). Early Life   Bangladesh author Skh Sourav Halder at Domuria College. The author was born in a small village named Shovna, which is located in khulna, Bangladesh. His family belongs to the Kapali community known. Till the age of 10 years, the author lived in his village and later moved to khulna to complete his College. Education The author completed his schooling and then joined the college in Commerce. He also studied in a Government school in his village till the 10th standard. The following institutions where the author went for studies in his formative years: Dumuria College(2019-20) Shovna birajmoye high school(2014-2018) kultula situla bare primary school (2010-2015) Notable Work: One of the most popular books inside his famous book is Dishi Bindu, which is written in Bangla and he has translated and published this book on various English sites. He has gained popularity for this book.
  • Dew drops(2019)[3]
  • End address(2019)[4]
  • Intersection of intersections(2015)[5]
  • Bunch poetry(2018)
  • চৌরাস্তার মোড়
  • শেষ ঠিকানা